A. A. Walker reading 'Licentia' at the bookartbookshop, Shoreditch, London

‘Licentia’ reading at the bookartbookshop, Shoreditch, London

A. A. Walker is the author of Licentiapublished by Thin Man Press.

Written works have appeared in literary magazines in Europe, India and the US such as Great Works, Cauldron and Net, Muse Apprentice Guild, Morbid Outlook, Dream Scissors, Fringecore, Prakalpana Literature, Carnivorous Arpeggio, Sidereality, Plinth, and many others.

His writings examine how language generates meaning in a world that already creates itself as a fiction.

He is Scots-Irish, based in London, UK, and often collaborates with other artists from all backgrounds and disciplines in touring theatre productions, independent films, TV, radio, live art and musical projects.

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