licentia_cover copyLicentia is a disintegrating journal of romantic escapades, an “artefact of desire” that evokes a visionary experience of Eros and death.

“Imagination unbound, Licentia is the enemy of conformity. Read and be free. As intoxicating as a thousand years of incense and poppies; A. A. Walker has fulfilled the poet’s eternal calling.” — Nina Antonia, music writer, author, The New York Dolls Too Much Too Soon

“Takes the reader where he has never been and leaves him hungering for more.” — August Highland, editor, Muse Apprentice Guild, San Diego

“Throughout, there are any number of wonderful turns of phrase, delightfully unexpected details, and clever obfuscations.” — Matthew T. Anderson, fiction editor, 3rd Bed Magazine

“Licentia has a compelling staccato lyricism recalling Dylan’s Tarantula in its hallucinogenically layered and fast moving narrative. An hypnotic Beat Fable whose protagonist seems collaged in fragments into a whirlwind present day scenario created from disorientating romantic desires and unreliable memories of distant times.” — Alan Rankle, British Artist

“Only a mind with the cosmic dimension can explore into such imaginations.”—Thachom Poyil Rajeevan, poet, novelist, literary reviewer for The Hindu


Published by Thin Man Press | Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats, 122 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0956247308