Licentia is a short novella which takes the form of a fragmented journal and conveys an hallucinatory, poetical romance.

‘Imagination unbound, Licentia is the enemy of conformity. Read and be free. As intoxicating as a thousand years of incense and poppies; A. A. Walker has fulfilled the poet’s eternal calling.’ — Nina Antonia, music writer, author, The New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon

‘I read Licentia as a poetic novel — A literary experiment in time and story. A. A. Walker has dexterously met the exciting challenge of expressing the inexpressible.’ — Thachom Poyil Rajeevan, poet, novelist, literary reviewer for The Hindu


“But it’s clear now what Lilianne meant when she said we need a new kind of ceremony at the beginning of the day. One that reeks of gunpowder and sawdust. For, ‘We are fools to presume that the sun will rise.'”


“Sancho: ‘This city will destroy us. We need sun. We need air.'”


“Ramona: bored with privilege and leisure. It dawned on me that her bones had only ever been conjured up out of a film over my eye and nourished on nothing but the cold air of an ivory tower.”

Licentia has a compelling staccato lyricism recalling Dylan’s Tarantula in its hallucinogenically layered and fast moving narrative. An hypnotic Beat Fable whose protagonist seems collaged in fragments into a whirlwind present day scenario created from disorientating romantic desires and unreliable memories of distant times.’ — Alan Rankle, British Artist

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Licentia is published by Thin Man Press. Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats, 122 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0956247308.

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The word, ‘licentia’ is Latin meaning ‘license’, as in the phrase ‘Licentia Poetica’ — artistic, dramatic or poetic license.

[Jennifer Oliver as Lilianne, Mark Springer — Sancho, Anatoli Tsampa Éliade — Ramona — photos by Michael Donlevy]