Photo by Alexandra Mooney

A. A. Walker is a writer of Scots-Irish origin based in London, UK.

Emerging from hypertext literature, innovative poetics, experimental and avant-garde writing and surrealism, Alfred A. Walker’s method is towards a language-based media situated between fiction, poetry, drama, the essay and the lyrical impulse.

Published in US, European and Indian magazines and websites such as Great Works, Cauldron and Net, Muse Apprentice Guild, Brittle Winds, Droomschaar, Melting Clock, Blue Feathers, Morbid Outlook, Dream Scissors, Fringecore, Prakalpana Literature, Carnivorous Arpeggio, Sidereality, Plinth, and others.

Songwriter and vocalist with Uru-Ana. Author of Licentia published by Thin Man Press.