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Utilitarians: shall we assume our forgotten science is hidden somewhere deep in the cellular memory banks? Imagination has given in to information. Then heretical methods won’t suffice. For we are subject to location. Yet the earthbound field no longer attracts. It seems that we are being utilised for some kind of sensorial induction.

As in a dream, we are passing time by supplying and constructing our bodies and surrounding objects as instruments for assuming passing time has real integral quality.

Let’s explore the content of our applications.

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In the underground base, securing a means of promotion, the play, which is sheer entertainment, not ideology, is a fictional microcosm of that consciousness which is beyond knowledge of anyone responsible for preserving anything for the sake of a more anything world. It is not about carving a nice niche out of the banality of the everyday.

This narrative is not linear or rational. At the core, a stream of spectacular electrical currents are serving contradictory information (you might say). So, points to remember have been applied with jolts. Any passion fundamental to our unrest responds to developments in the current ongoing situation we are eating out of.

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You are communicating, following the path to materialised internal-external energy systems. We are promising beautiful and grotesque entertainments and our provocative pluraesthetic fulfills your requirements. In delivering the essential idea that the transformation is occuring, thereby making things happen, eyebrows will inevitably be raised!

The heart ought to feel profoundly, worthlessly with panache, topicality and relevance. There is so much contradictory information, but at least we agree: utility’s a fiction!

It is now possible to gauge whatever performs. We can harness the whole gamut of wave
divisions encrypted in real-world processes. Corresponding with knowledge of a reading which is conclusive are the phase-shifting wave divisions frequented by contributors to the work-in-progress.

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This infrastructure, which facilitates navigation of the syntax of media, aims to integrate the really useful with real-world customs. It’s an enchanting measurement of phenomena rather than distribution of educational or societal improvement.

Machine intelligence may well have translated the performance into another language, blanking iconic simulations of real-world functionality. A study of, or report upon, the current state of play, has uncovered such a range of hybridising fabrications that artificial life is blurred, including the distinctions between law and order.

Here is the reason why it is an exercise in irrelevancy to justify the dilemma of process which is not product: product is artefact, mechanical or electronic device or foodstuff, process just some translucent philosophy. The interlocutor of authentic intelligence is anyone fictional or actual, dead or alive. The contemporary novelty loses newsworthiness. Innovation is not original.

The occasion of the play is like some bizarre controversy or political hoax. Executed through increasing pleasure, more hybridisation automatically extrapolates the multidisciplinary synergies between microwaves, lifts, cars, phones, computers, televisions, washing machines, etc.

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There hasn’t been any research or development. Only a graceful revelling in the acausality of the modus operandi of your impulsive nature: the Dietrich-Nijinsky Androgyne.

A modern urban office. Bureaucrats are in a delirium. A mating rite begins to divert from the quotidian and as industry-versus-technology plays at 78 rpm, impulses towards leisure and the fulfillment of random desires are held to account for confectionery.

Transmuted through the feral vortices of the wolf-skull, the profligate conjugation of an industrial concept in which parafictive themes preclude utility’s phantasie of resuscitated freedom relishes the pro-ecstatic errata of nimbus clouds and is annunciated.

The introduction of the languages of music, dance and song unfixes the automatons transmuting at the core of interpretation. Anti-narrative threads are flexing, emerging as
corresponding patterns of shadow, light, sound and silence.

This primal, phantastic gesture and those mesmeric lips are literally animated living information ciphers amplified to oscillate for your pleasure.

To Hell in a handcart! We have cast out now our precious things. Vision is truly reality’s incorporation of life [VITRIOL].

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Industry is located in ceremonious fashion. You are about to make impact with uncommon absurdity. Leisure is in industry. Consequently, the venue is there: in the destruction of your deconstruction.

Your instrumental knowledge catalyst is the simulator of verisimilitude, representing thematically linked opacity of interactivity with dominant freedom in fictional space, subterranean or overground.

Specifications for the device profile accompany the contextualisation of aesthetic metonymy. Reception of the parameters is launching ritual and discourse. Vitriol is now in position to coordinate the elaboration of features.

The synchronised systems’ primary motivations serve as pool schemata to prepare, review and address the material. Enhancing the avoidance of a stream of light, fast moving, forward looking glances are verifying resorts to hallucination.

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A power is released indicative of future demolition mechanisms. The licence portative and preserving phylactery consulted at any time, on any occasion, locates by automorphic telepresence.

Clearly the custodians of “process” have an instinctual relationship! An analysis of the quality badge speaks from the heart. Regardless, we are pitching chaos in the amusement arenas.

Feathered figures with golden heads and metallic laminae under their tongues are telling the enquirers’ silken go-between, “this is a mysterious revolution!”, modulating the freewill to formulate resulting specifications as theatrical, courtesy the Horde, Phantast Puppet and Cacophony Banquets.

[text & images © A.A. Walker]


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