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Recitation, Kings Head Theatre, London

Whether or not it is an everyday observation, have you ever tried to do anything but decipher codes? You will perceive that here, where what is there, is in the making of the difference being made, but it is merely between the choice and the record, no more, no less.

Some time during my sojourn, I would regret it later but be obliged to play tribune to that part of human consciousness which is of its time [insert date] yet without a contemporary, which means to say for each of us it is in fashion. This thought occurred like a rapture pliant with foolscap devices, randomness, accounting, murmuring.

A sense of belonging concerns the definition of how desire takes place within a custom or saying, which at present is bearing a resemblance to literature. That is, to furnish knowledge going near, without or toward, relative to the images of the characters of the written word. In truth, not even the speech, and neither the thought!

But the written. (

Termination #5: Promotion

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To Robert Burns

It’s a Catch 22 situation.

I’m yours, you’re mine.

The Freemasons are dogs.

[Note: the above lines are sampled from the dialogue of the 1976 costume melodrama ‘Burns Night’, directed by George Winters and starring Bryant McKenzie and Nicola Appleby. A marvellously bawdy, lurid account of a night in the life of the Scots poet Robert Burns, ‘Burns Night’ is a piece of cinematic magic which brings to light the poet’s connections with the Freemasons.] (read more… )